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AIM Second Annual Meeting


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Advanced Industrial Microseismic Monitoring



Second annual meeting: Praha 29-30.9.2011

Thursday, September 29

  Institute of Geophysics, Lecture hall

Time (min)

8:30 - 9:00 Registration at the Institute of Geophysics 30
Morning session, 9:00-12:15   195

V. Vavryčuk, O. Pastre

Opening of the meeting 10

Methods of  microsesmic analysis I

Chairman: Jan Šílený  
V. Vavryčuk Tensile earthquakes: mathematical description and graphical representation 20
F. Bouchaala Double-difference location method: principles and application to microseimic data
C. Alexandrakis Double-difference tomography: principles and microseismic applications
R. Davi, V. Vavryčuk Moment tensor inversion using observations of unknown amplification
Coffee break, 10:30-10:50   20

Methods of  microsesmic analysis II

Chairman: Václav Vavryčuk  
J. Šílený Shear-tensile/implosion source model vs. moment tensor: benefit in single-azimuth monitoring. Simulation of Cotton Valley configuration 20
M. Calo  (invited) Seismic velocity variations at the EGS geothermal reservoir of Soultz-Sous-Forets (France): Some observations for understanding stress regime changes during hydraulic stimulations using 4D seismic tomography 20
F. Cornet  (invited) Depth dependent stress field and its consequences for intraplate seismicity 30
Afternoon session, 14:00-18:00   240

Seismicity at the Dobrá Voda area I

Chairman: Francois Cornet  
J. Málek, J. Štrunc, M. Brož Small-aperture array at Dobrá Voda: first records of local earthquakes 20
P. Bulant, M. Brož,                J. Sekereš Comparison of travel times from quarry blasts with synthetic travel times calculated in 1-D and 3-D models of the Dobrá Voda locality 20
Coffee break, 14:45-15:00   20

Mid-term review          meeting

Project participants only  
O. Pastre, REA representative IAPP MTR objectives 10
V. Vavryčuk Coordinator's report (science, transfer of knowledge & networking, management, impact) 60
Scientists in charge/Researchers Feedback on transfer of knowledge/impact 60
Open discussion Experience of individual researchers 50

Dinner 19:00, boat Hamburg


Friday, September 30

Institute of Geophysics, Lecture hall

Time (min)

Morning session, 9:00-13:00   240

Seismicity at the Dobrá Voda area II

Chairman: Václav Vavryčuk  
M. Gális, L. Fojtíková The computation of the elementary synthetic seismograms for Isola MT inversions in Dobrá Voda region using the 3D finite-difference method 20
L. Fojtíková, M. Gális, J. Zahradník Focal mechanisms of micro-earthquakes in the Little Carpathians using the waveform inversion - influence of the model and of the source time function used 20
M. Kristeková, L. Fojtíková Focal mechanisms of microearthquakes in the Little Carpathians - time-frequency identification of problematic input data for ISOLA MT inversions 20

Microseismicity in       mines I

Chairman: Václav Vavryčuk  
S. Cesca  (invited) Seismic source inversion in mining environment 30
G. Kwiatek  (invited) To understand earthquake rupture process in picoscale: Two years of high-frequency seismic monitoring at the Deep Gold mine in South Africa 30


Coffee break, 10:30-10:50   20

Microseismicity in         mines II

Chairman: Václav Vavryčuk  
E. Lötter Deterministic seismic hazard in mines 20
D. Kühn, V. Vavryčuk Moment tensor inversion at Pyhasalmi ore mine: accuracy test using explosions 20
P. Adamová, J. Šílený, E. Lötter Application of the higher-order moment tensors to mining data 20
Z. Jechumtálová, J. Šílený Samples of Ocnele Mari microearthquakes: mechanism using alternative source models 20
Discussion 20

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