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Third annual meeting: Smolenice 10-13.10.2012

Wednesday, October 10

  Smolenice castle, Lecture hall

Time (min)

14:00 - 14:30 Registration at the Smolenice castle 30
Afternoon session, 15:00-17:45   165

V. Vavryčuk

Opening of the meeting 10

Methods of  microsesmic analysis I

Chairman: Václav Vavryčuk  
J. Šílený Full moment tensors and the STI source model for mining tremors: A case study for the Ridgeway mine 40
Z. Jechumtálová, J.Šílený, C-I. Trifu Resolution of microearthquake mechanism inversions using a close-to-surface array at Ocnele Mari, Romania
Coffee break, 16:00 - 16:20
P. Adamová, J. Šílený, E. Lötter Second degree moments - A tool for the fault plane detection? 20
V. Vavryčuk Focal mechanisms in attenuating media 40
Discussion   15
18:00-19:00 Dinner

Thursday, October 11

Smolenice castle, Lecture hall

Time (min)

Morning session, 9:30-12:15  

Methods of  microsesmic analysis II

Chairman: Tomáš Fischer  
T. Dahm, S. Hainzl, T. Fischer (invited) Simulation induced seismicity explained by a combination of rate and state seismicity with a hydrofrac model 35
J.Albaric, V. Oye, I. Lecomte, N. Langet, M. Hasting, M. Messeiller, P. Reid (invited) Microseismicity induced during the first geothermal reservoir stimulation at Paralana, Australia 20
E. Lötter Towards near real-time reverse-time imaging of seismic sources 25
Coffee break, 10:50 - 11:10   20

Methods of  microsesmic analysis III

Chairman: Václav Vavryčuk  
D. Eaton (invited) Energy balance and numerical simulation of microseismicity induced by hydraulic fracturing 35
T. Fischer, M. Roth, D. Kühn Automatic classification of the seismic monitoring data at the Aaknes rock slope, Norway 15
Discussion   15
12:30-14:00  Lunch  
Afternoon session, 14:30-17:30   180

Microseismicity at the Dobrá Voda area

Chairman: Jan Šílený  
J. Málek, L. Fojtíková, J. Sekereš Aftershock sequences in the Little Carpathian region following two strong events in 2006 20
M. Gális, L. Fojtíková Sensitivity of MT inversions on models in Dobra Voda region - preliminary results 20
M. Kristeková, L. Fojtíková, A. Cipciar, J. Sekereš, D. Sekerešová, K. Csicsay, E. Bystrický Felt earthquake in the Little Carpathians Mts. source zone (March 5th, 2012) and related seismic activity in the area 20
R. Kysel, P. Franek, J. Kristek,P. Moczo, K. Csicsay Seismic hazard of the Little Carpathians area: Past studies and preliminary results 20
Coffee break, 15:50-16:10   20

Microseismicity at the Soultz geothermal area

Chairman: Jan Šílený  
C. Dorbath, M Adelinet, L. Dorbath, M. Calo Shear-wave splitting and crack aspect ratio during hydraulic stimulation of GPK2 in Soultz geothermal reservoir 40
Z. Jechumtálová, J. Šílený Can we observe a non-shear pattern during the 2003 fluid injection at Soultz-Sous-Forets? 25
Discussion   15


 Garden party  

Friday, October 12

Smolenice castle, Lecture hall

Time (min)

Morning session, 9:00-12:00   180

Microseismicity at the West Bohemia area

Chairman: Tomáš Fischer  
V. Vavryčuk, F. Bouchaala, T. Fischer High-resolution fault tomography from accurate locations and focal mechanisms 20
C. Alexandrakis, M. Calo, F. Bouchaala, V. Vavryčuk Evidence for a low-permeability fluid trap in the Nový Kostel Seismic Zone from double-difference tomography 20
T. Fischer, T. Dahm Anomalous vp/vs ratios in the focal zone of West-Bohemia earthquake swarms 25
P. Hrubcová, V. Vavryčuk, A. Boušková, J. Horálek Determination of structural discontinuities from waveforms of local micro-earthquakes tested in the West Bohemia/Vogtland seismoactive area 25
Coffee break, 10:30 - 10:50   20

Moment tensor analysis of acoustic emissions

Chairman: Václav Vavryčuk  
R. Davi, V. Vavryčuk, E. Charalampidou, G. Kwiatek Accurate moment tensor inversion of acoustic emissions 20
D. Kühn, V. Vavryčuk, E. Aker, F. Cuisiat, M. Soldal, K.D.V. Huynh Moment tensor analysis of acoustic emissiondata from triaxial laboratory experiment 20
Open discussion   15
Closing the meeting   15
12:00 - 13:00 Lunch  
13:30 - 17:00 Excursion to the Driny cave  
18:00 Dinner  

Saturday, October 13







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