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EPOS Integration Meeting

EPOS PP Integration Meeting: Preparing for Construction

Outline Programme

Monday 17 September
09:00-12:30   WG participants and PDB arrive and register
12:30-13:30      Lunch
Workshop for Working Groups (WGs)
13:30-15:00      Welcome and brief introductory presentations
15:00-18:30      WG discussion meetings – see “questions and issues” (*)
19:00-20:00      Dinner

Tuesday 18 September
Morning:       Workshop for Working Groups (WGs) continued
09:00-10:00      Plenary: Review of progress in WGs
10:00-12:30      Continued discussions within and between WGs
09:00-12:30   National contact points and experts arrive and register
12:30-13:30      Lunch
     Preparation for EPOS Integration
13.30-18.30      Plenary session for all delegates: 
                           Welcome and introductory presentations
                           Review of the Research Infrastructures to be integrated into EPOS
                           Reviews of progress in each country  
15.30-16.00      Coffee/Tea
                           Reports on the results of the Working Groups’ workshops (*)
                           Introduction to issues for discussion (*)
19.30-22.00      Conference dinner

Wednesday 19 September 
                          Planning for EPOS Integration
09.00-09.20      Presentation: a draft IPR policy for EPOS
09.20-09.40      Presentation: initial ideas for an EPOS Data Access Policy
09.40-10.00      Introduction to breakout groups (*)   
10.00-12.30      Breakout discussions                   Coffee at chairs’ discretion
12.30-13.30      Lunch
13.30-14.30      Reports from breakout groups
14.00-15.30      Discussion                                       
15.30-16.00      Coffee/Tea
16.00-18.30      Presentations: Governance, Legal and Financial issues
                       Presentation: The challenges for designing the EPOS business plan 
                       Round table and panel discussions on these topics
19.00-20.00      Dinner

Thursday 20 September
Morning:          Establishing Policies for EPOS Integration
09.00-12.30       Presentation & discussion: draft report on core services 
                        Presentation & discussion: initial conclusions & next steps for IPR & data access policies 
10.30-11.00      Coffee
                        Presentation & discussion: progress on Legal and Governance issues
                        Closing discussion: Review of decisions made & priorities established
12.30                CLOSE
12.30-13.30       Lunch                                                 
13.30 on            Delegates depart              also: PDB meeting

Date & Venue
September 17 – 20, 2012
Hotel Globus

How to get to Hotel Globus from Airport Ruzyne

Registration form
Please register before August 29, 2012

For more information please contact the
EPOS Management Office.