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RINGEN - Research Infrastructure Upgrade

Projekt name: RINGEN - Research Infrastructure Upgrade
Project acronym: RINGEN+
Project registration number: CZ.02.1.01/0.0/0.0/16_013/0001792
Start date: 1st June, 2017
End date: 31st May, 2020
Projekt is co-financed by EU.
Research infrastructure RINGEN+ is aimed at creating a professional background for research into the efficient use of deep geothermal energy. The project includes the construction of a highly specialized geothermal center in Litoměřice, where key equipment, technology and facilities will be concentrated for research teams of 7 partners consisting of 3 universities, 3 institutes of the Academy of Sciences and the Czech Geological Survey. The infrastructure will also include a unique local monitoring network that includes both surface seismometers and dilatometers, as well as subsurface stations at a depth of 200 m to 1500 m. The research activity is based on a combination of a number of technical and geoscientific disciplines and on in situ testing. It focuses mainly on the development and testing of methods for assessing the underground heat energy potential, the technology of rock permeability stimulation for the creation of underground geothermal exchangers and methods for their seismic monitoring. Research results will be widely exploitable in the application sphere as they will contribute to more efficient and safer extraction of geothermal energy and reduce the costs of drilling, increasing the energy output of geothermal resources, and eliminating the potential negative effects of geothermal heat extraction that may be caused by a manifestation of induced seismicity on the Earth's surface. The results of the project will also be useful in other building and energy fields such as underground construction or hydrocarbon extraction. RINGEN+ Research Infrastructure is also conceived as one of the nodal points of the European network of geothermal test sites.