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Crustal movements

Recent crustal movements in tectonically active regions studied using gravity and geodetic methods

The Earth crust is not a fixed and stable surface of our planet. Due to internal and external geological processes the crust exhibits dynamic behaviour, consisting of surface horizontal and vertical movements, changes in tectonic stress, internal mass displacements, earthquakes, and volcanic activity. These processes affect some phenomena that can be observed by geophysical and geodetic measurements, such as temporal changes of the gravity field, coordinates of geodetic points, groundwater level, CO2 emissions, etc. We performed the investigation of these phenomena in West Bohemia, Gulf of Corinth (Greece) and the Aswan Lake region in Egypt. While in the first two cases the changes of observed phenomena indicate the relation between tectonic stress and earthquakes, in the Aswan Lake area the observed variations seem to depend on the water level changes in the Lake and groundwater penetration to fault zones.

Research areas:

West Bohemia
Gulf of Corinth, Greece
Aswan Lake region in Egypt
Research team: Jan Mrlina
  Michal Seidl
  Lumír Skalský
  Václav Polák

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