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Geodetic observatory Pecny (GOPC)

Seismic station GOPC is part of the Geodetic observatory Pecny operated by the Reaserch Institute of Geodesy, Topography and Cartography in Zdiby. Broadband sensor Guralp CMG-3TD is located in the borebole at depth 60m. Data recorded by Scream server are transmitted in real time to Charles University in Prague, to the Institute of Geophysics in Prague and to the European Data Center ORFEUS.

Coordinates: N49.9140 E14.7870
Altitude: 545 m
Seismometr: Broadband sensor Guralp CMG-3TD
Data acqusition system: Gurlap scream server
Sampling frequency: 2/20/100 Hz
Dynamic range: 140 dB
Frequency range: 0.02-360 s
Data format: GCF
Available data: 2009 - present
Contact person: Jakub Kostelecky -