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Seismological Station Nový Kostel (NKC)

Part of the local seismic network WEBNET (WEstern Bohemian NETwork)

Station Nový Kostel is part of the Czech Regional Seismic Network as well as the WEBNET local seismic network. The station is situated in the earthquake swarm region in West Bohemia.

Coordinates: N50.2331 E12.4479
Altitude: 564m
Instrumentation: broadband STS-2 seismometer, strong motion Kinemetrics EpiSensor, short period SM-3
Data acquisition: Quanterra Q330S  (EarthData + SeisComP 2003-2010)
Sampling frequency: 20/100 Hz
Dynamic range: 140 dB
Available BB digital data: March 1998 - present
Data format: miniSEED, (Lennartz ESSTF binary, GSE2.0 - older data)
Contact person: Jan Zednik (jzd [AT]