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Seismological Station Ostrava/Krásné Pole (OKC)

Station Ostrava-Krásné Pole (OKC) is operated jointly by the Technical University Ostrava, the Institute of Geonics Acad.Sci. Ostrava, and the Geophysical Institute Acad.Sci. Prague. The station is situated at the astronomical observatory of Johann Palisa in Ostrava. Since 1994 the readings of the station are being included in bulletins of Czech seismological stations compiled by the Geophysical Institute, Prague.

Instrumentation: 3-comp. SP seismometers SM-3, BB sensor Guralp CMG-3ESP
Coordinates: N49.8346 E18.1399
Altitude: 250 m
Data acquisition: Quanterra Q330S   (EarthData + SeisComP 2003-2011)
Sampling frequency: 20/100 Hz
Dynamic range: 140 dB
BB Response: Velocity-proportional in the frequency range 0.2 - 100 s
Available digital data: October 1998 - May 2000 (ESSTF binary - events), June 2000 - present (miniSEED continuous)