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Seismological Station Praha (PRA)

Station Praha (PRA) is operated by the Department of Geophysics, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University, Prague. Operational since 1927, PRA contributes its data to bulletins of the Czech stations and to the bulletin of the ISC in Newbury. Analog records of short-period Z-component (seismograph VEGIK) and medium-period Z-component (sesmograph SK-3). Digital records of three-component Guralp type seismographs since 1994 in GCF format. Station is used also for educational purposes.

Coordinates: N50.0692 E14.4277
Altitude: 225 m
Instrumentation: 3-comp. BB seismometer CMG-3T
Data acquisition: Guralp scream server
Sampling frequency: 20 Hz
Dynamic range: 130 dB
Available digital data (event-oriented): 1994 - present
Data format: GCF
Contact person: Jaromír Janský (