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Seismological Station Průhonice - (PRU)

Station Průhonice (PRU) has been operating as an analogue reference station of the Geophysical Institute since 1957. The station was equipped with digital instrumentation Lennartz 5800 in 1991. Vistec datalogger was operational in the period 1997-2003. EarthData digitizer + SeisComP datalogger were installed in late 2003. The data are telemetered to the Interpretation Laboratory at the Geophysical Institute. PRU provides digital broad-band records of selected earthquakes for data centre ORFEUS in the Netherlands.

Coordinates: N49.9883 E14.5417
Altitude: 302 m
Instrumentation: 3-comp. SP seismometers SKM-3, 3-comp. BB seismometer STS-2
Data acquisition: Quanterra Q330S   (EarthData + SeisComP 2003-2010)
Sampling frequency: 20/100 Hz
Dynamic range: 140 dB
BB Response: Velocity-proportional in the frequency range 0.5 - 120 s
Available digital data (event-oriented): February 1991 - December 2000
Data format: ESSTF Lennartz binary format
Available digital data (continuous): September 2000 - present
Data format: MiniSEED
Contact person: Jan Zednik (