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Seismological Station Panská Ves - (PVCC)

Station Panska Ves (PVCC) was founded in August 2003 at the Ionospheric observatory of the Institute of Physics of the Atmosphere of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic. Broadband data are transferred to the Geophysical Institute in Prague by Internet.

Coordinates: N50.52823 E14.56895
Altitude: 311 m
Instrumentation: BB sensor STS-2
Data acquisition: Quanterra Q330S  (EarthData + SeisComP 2003-2011)
Sampling frequency: 20/100 Hz
Dynamic range: 140 dB
BB Response: Velocity-proportional in the frequency range 0.5 - 120 s
Available digital data: August 2003 - present
Data format: miniSEED
Contact person: Jan Zednik (