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Earthquakes in the West Bohemia - 2014

Updated: 2.6.2014 14:40 CEST


A stronger earthquake with local magnitude ML 4.5 occured on 31.5.2014 at 10:37:20 UTC (12:37:20 CEST) under the Nový Kostel village in depth 8.5 km. This event started a series of weaker earthquakes (about 3300 events detected) from which only one reached the ML 3.0 (31.5.2014, 10:43:57 UTC). For about 30 following events have magnitude higher than 2.0. The current state of locations oyu can check at map of epicenters.   

Map of epicenters (upper left) and depth sections along the direction of the fault plane (lower left) and perpendicular one (lower right). The evolution in time (upper right) is color coded. Seismicity from 2011 is gray.




On Sturday 24.5.2014 the new siesmic activity occured. One event with ML higher than 3.0 was observed. First and stronger earthquake ML3.5 occured at 14:35:35 UTC under the Nový Kostel village in depth 9 km. Second earthquake ML2.5 was registered just 11 sekund after the first one in depth about 10 km. Few weaker events up to ML 2.1 were registered, all in depth around 9 km.


Comparison with activity from 2011.
Makroseismická pozorování
Map of felt shakes for the ML 3.5 earthquake. Based on data from macroseismic reports.