Geofyzikální ústav Akademie věd ČR, v.v.i.


Konference o přírodních dynamech proběhne ve Valticích

Po osmi letech od první konference o přírodních dynamech přichystal Geofyzikální ústav AV ČR, v. v. i. ve spolupráci s Univerzitou Komenského v Bratislavě a Ústavem věd o Zemi v Bratislavě další ročník konference, která proběhne v prostředí krásného barokního zámku ve Valticích ve dnech 25.6. - 1.7.2017.

V příspěvcích přednášejících zazní informace o hydromagnetických dynamech, magnetokonvekci a dalších hydromagnetických procesech, které probíhají v jádru Země, v jádru planet, ve Slunci a jiných hvězdách, v galaxiích, akrečních discích a jiných astrofyzikálních objektech. Mezi zajímavé příspěvky budou také patřit informace o laboratorních hydrodynamických experimentech a experimentech s dynamem.

Těšíme se na viděnou se všemi účastníky konference.



25. 6. 2017 - 1. 7. 2017


Sunday, June 25 
16:00 – 20:00 Registration (Hotel Hubertus)
17:00 Departure from Vienna Airport to Valtice
20:00 Welcome Dinner (Hotel Hubertus)
Monday, June 26 
8:30 Registration (Hotel Hubertus)
9:00 Opening
9:10 – 11:55 S1 Geodynamo and MHD Processes in the Earth’s Core
9:10 Johannes Wicht (Review talk)
 What’s new about the geodynamo?
9:55 A. Benerji Babu
 Nonlinear Magneto-convection due to Horizontal Magnetic field in sparsely packed porous medium
10:20 Agata Bury
 Earth’s core perturbations - what can we see in geomagnetic field data and global magnetic field models
10:45 Coffee break
11:05 Michael A. Calkins
 Convection-driven  magnetohydrodynamics  in  the  limit  of rapid rotation
11:30 David W. Hughes
 Dynamos in rapidly rotating convection with no inertia
12:00 Lunch (Hotel Hubertus)
13:30 – 15:55 S1 Geodynamo and MHD Processes in the Earth’s Core
13:30 Hari P. Rani and Yadagiri Rameshwar
 Topology of Plane Layer Dynamos
13:55 Hari. P. Rani and Yadagiri Rameshwar
 Dynamos in Plane Layer
14:20 Andrew Soward
 Spin-down in a rapidly rotating cylinder container with mixed rigid and stress free boundary conditions
14:45 Steven M. Tobias
 Dynamos and Balance in the Earth’s Core
15:10 Coffee break
15:30 Johannes Wicht
 Quenching in spherical shell dynamo simulations and the connection to field reversals

15:55 – 17:30 S2  Dynamos  and  Magnetoconvection  in  Planetary Interiors
15:55 Chris A. Jones
 Anelastic dynamos and giant planet magnetic fields (Review talk)
16:40 Céline Guervilly
 Zonal flows in a quasi geostrophic model of planetary cores
17:05 Enrico Filippi
 Effects of anisotropic magnetic diffusivity on rotating magnetoconvection

17:30 Poster session (S1, S2)
 Guntis Lipsbergs
 Measurement and data acquisition of physical properties in Riga Dynamo experiment (S1)
 Filipe Terra-Nova, Hagay Amit, Gelvam A. Hartmann and Ricardo I. F. Trindade
 Using archaeomagnetic field models to constrain the physics of the core: robustness and preferred locations of reversed flux patches (S1)
 Filipe Terra-Nova, Hagay Amit and Gaël Choblet
 Prescribed longitude and anomalous latitude of the South Atlantic Anomaly (S1)
 Filipe Terra-Nova, Hagay Amit, Gelvam A. Hartmann, Ricardo I. F. Trindade and Katia Pinheiro
 Relating the South Atlantic Anomaly and geomagnetic flux patches (S1)
 Alexander W. Hindle, Tamara M. Rogers and Paul J. Bushby
 Modelling hot Jupiter atmospheres with shallow water MHD
 S. V. Starchenko and S. V. Yakovleva
 MHD sources of multipoles in the Earth’s core from 400 years of observations (S2)
18:45 Dinner (Hotel Hubertus)
Tuesday, June 27 
9:00 – 11:50 S2  Dynamos  and  Magnetoconvection  in  Planetary Interiors
9:00 Céline Guervilly
 Jets and large-scale vortices in rotating convection
9:25 Sandeep Reddy Kanuganti
 Libration-driven dynamos in ellipsoids
9:50 Joshua Kirk
 The influence of stably stratified layers on Dynamos:  An asymptotic approach
10:15 Coffee break
10:35 Tamara Rogers
 Magnetism in hot Jupiters
11:00 Chris A. Jones
 Anelastic spherical dynamos with variable conductivity
11:25 Sergey V. Starchenko
 Observational, model and paleomagnetic foundations of convection and magnetism in the Earth and in the Terrestrial planets
12:00 Lunch
13:30 – 16:15 S3 Solar Dynamo and Magnetoconvection in the Sun
13:30 Paul J. Bushby
 The solar dynamo: recent progress and open questions (Review talk)
14:15 Yori Fournier
 Delayed Babcock-Leighton dynamos
14:40 Petri J. Käpylä
 Implications of extended subadiabtic layers for stellar dynamos
15:05 Coffee break
15:25 Nikolai Safiullin
 On the possibility to forecast the Sun activity based on nonlinear dynamo model with magnetic helicity
15:50 Valeria Shumaylova
 Coarsening magnetic instability in domains of large aspect ratio: ABC and modulated flows
16:15 Poster session (S3)
 Frank Stefani, Vladimir Galindo, André Giesecke, Norbert Weber and Tom Weier
 Can planetary tides synchronize the solar dynamo?
17:00 Wine degustation (Wine cellar of the Valtice castle)
18:45 Dinner (Hotel Hubertus)
Wednesday, June 28 
9:00 – 11:05 S3 Solar Dynamo and Magnetoconvection in the Sun
9:00 Egor V. Yushkov
 Generation of small-scale magnetic helicity in the solar convective zone
9:25 Robert Teed
 Nonlinear properties of the shear dynamo model
9:50 Jörn Warnecke
 Dynamo mechanisms and magnetic helicity fluxes in compressible convective dynamo simulations of solar-like stars
10:15 Maria A. Weber
 Toward linking magnetic flux emergence, dynamo action, and global-scale fluid motions
10:40 Daniela F. M. Weston
 Magnetic buoyancy instability in the solar tachocline
11:05 Lunch (Hotel Hubertus)
12:15 Conference trip (Macocha Abyss)
18:30 Conference dinner (The inn ‘Staré časy’/The Old Times, Macocha)
Thursday, June 29 
9:00 – 12:10 S4  Hydromagnetic  Instabilities  and  Dynamos  in Astrophysics
9:00 Dmitry Sokoloff
 Galactic magnetic fields and galactic dynamo  (Review talk)
9:45 Ankit Barik
 Spherical Couette dynamos
10:10 Laura K. Currie
 Convective dynamos with self-consistent shear
10:35 Coffee break
10:55 Marek J. Gradzki
 Influence of magnetic and thermal diffusion on magnetic buoyancy instability
11:20 Rainer Hollerbach
 Dynamo action in a quasi-Keplerian Taylor-Couette flow
11:45 Rohit Kumar
 Large-scale dynamo mechanism in nonhelical magnetohydrodynamics
12:10 Lunch
13:45 – 17:00 S4  Hydromagnetic  Instabilities  and  Dynamos  in Astrophysics
13:45 George Mamatsashvili
 Nonmodal and nonlinear dynamics of helical magnetorota tional instability
14:10 Domenico G. Meduri
 Non-axisymmetric magnetorotational instability in spherical Couette flow
14:35 Evgeny A. Mikhailov
 Torus dynamo in the outer rings of galaxies
15:00 Krzysztof A. Mizerski
 Non-dissipative large-scale magnetic dynamo mechanism
15:25 Coffee break
15:45 Felix Sainsbury-Martinez
 Anelastic models of fully-convective stars:  differential rotation, meridional circulation and residual entropy
16:10 Jennifer Schober
 Exploring chiral dynamos in numerical simulations
16:35 Dmitry Sokoloff
 Galactic winds and the origin of large-scale magnetic fields
17:00 Poster session (S4, S5)
 Rainer Arlt
 Dynamo solutions for a red giant star (S4)
 Tobias Vogt,  Thomas Gundrum,  André Giesecke and Frank Stefani
 Precession driven flow at large nutation angles (S5)
18:30 Dinner (Hotel Hubertus)

Friday, June 30 
9:00 – 9:25 S4  Hydromagnetic  Instabilities  and  Dynamos  in Astrophysics
9:00 Toby Wood
 MHD instabilities in a neutron star
9:25 – 12:10 S5 Laboratory Experiments
9:25 Frank Stefani
 Laboratory experiments on dynamo action and magnetically triggered flow instabilities (Review talk)
10:10 Ankit Barik
 Triadic resonances in the spherical Couette flow
10:35 Coffee break
10:55 Agris Gailitis
 Recent experiments at Riga Dynamo Facility
11:20 André Giesecke
 Simulations of a precession driven flow in a cylindrical cavity
11:45 Céline Guervilly
 Detection of zonal flows in the rotating sphere ZoRo
12:10 Lunch
13:45 – 14:35 S5 Laboratory Experiments
13:45 Zahia Tigrine
 Experimental study of torsional Alfvén waves in a dipolar magnetic field
14:10 Andreas Tilgner
 Dynamos in precessing cubes
14:35 Coffee break
14:55 – 15:55 Once upon a time in Alšovice, Liblice, Modra, Třešť and Stará Lesná
17:00 Barbecue party
Saturday, July 1 
8:30 Departure to Vienna Airport