Seismic service of the Department of Seismology performs detailed analyses of digital seismograms of the stations of the Czech Regional Seismic Network, localizes earthquakes and other seismic events in the territory of the Czech Republic and in central Europe, participates in international data exchange, and archives data. The Institute of Geophysics produces seismological bulletins and catalogues of regional seismic events in cooperation with the Institute of Physics of the Earth in Brno. Seismic service also collects and evaluates macroseismic reports of earthquakes felt in the Czech Republic.

Czech Regional Seismic Network

Stations of the Czech Regional Seismic Network
Dialy seismograms of the stations
Waveform requests for the stations
Table of the stations
Calibration information of the stations (dataless SEED)

Earthquake bulletins and catalogues

Bulletins of earthquakes (1976-present)
Catalogues of regional seismic events (1976-present)
Earthquake catalogues in West Bohemia
Archive of earthquake bulletins (1908-1980)
Kárník’s archive of  publications

Makroseismic observatiosn

Macroseismic quaestionnaire
Map of macroseismic reports
Earthquakes felt in Czech Republic