Institute of Geophysics of the CAS, v. v. i.


Computing center

The Computing Centre of the Geophysical Institute

is a stand-alone unit of the Economic Department of the Institute of Geophysics.


It ensures the operation of computers in the Computing Centre and the operation of the institute computer network, servers, graphic and information systems.


The computer network of the Institute of Geophysics is connected to the high-speed metropolitan network PASNET, which is connected to the Internet by the national research network CESNET.


The staff of the Computing Centre also co-operate with the Operating Centre of the metropolitan network to ensure an uninterrupted and failure-free operation and participate in the development of hardware and software equipment of computer networks.

High performance computing server NEMO

The computing server has been purchased in 2008 from the Sprinx, a.s. company. Initial configuration was as follows:

Number of processors/cores per processor


Shared memory

256 GB

Operting system

Linux Enterprise Server 10

Parallel programming languages

fortran, C, C++, StarP (Matlab/Python)

Effective number of processors

32 x 4 = 128


2 mil.Kč

The computing server can be upgraded in the future. The address is

These problems are solved or will be solved in near future:

  • Modelling the geodynamo process (generation of the Earth's magnetic field)
  • Correlation functions of the seismic noise and estimation of the characteristic seismic model
  • 3D gravity inversion on a regional scale
  • Joint inversions of heterogeneous geophysical data

The administrator of NEMO is Jano Šimkanin.