Institute of Geophysics of the CAS, v. v. i.


Department of Seismology

Head of the department: RNDr. Jan Šílený, CSc.

Our research activities are mainly oriented on the research of the Earth’s crust and upper mantle structure with the use of seismic waves generated by earthquakes or by artificial seismic sources. It is also oriented on the investigation of earthquake source processes including tremors induced by industrial activities. The Department operates with a number of seismic stations situated on the territory of the Czech Republic and neighbouring countries. Records are processed and interpreted by methods of theoretical and numerical modelling. The prominent region of increased geodynamic activity – west Bohemia and Vogtland (Germany) – is monitored by a particularly designed local seismic network. Apart from the permanent stations of the Czech Regional Seismic Network, seismic data are also gathered by temporary stations deployed in the areas of interest both within the Czech Republic and abroad in the frame of international seismological experiments.

Research teams within the Department of Seismology often solve particular scientific problems in a broad international co-operation in a framework of projects like AIM, AlpArray, PASSEQ etc.

Key research areas include following topics:


Mainka historical horizontal pendulum (1914)

components NS, EW; M » 450 kg, T0 ~ 15 s; air dumping; amplification ~ 300÷500