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Earth tides observatories

Tidal observatories of the Geophysical Institute

The tidal observatories of the Geophysical Institute have been recording tidal data since 1952 (Příbram, later Římov, Kašperské Hory, Lazec and Jezeří-Jezerka). In 1965-68 the first international comparative measurements of various models of tiltmeters took place in Příbram observatory in a deep mine. In the 1990s another two sites were selected for further observations with respect to favourable conditions, one of them for the research of tidal effects (Lazec - a part of the world network) and the other one for applied research at a coal mine gallery (Jezeri - observation of rock massif stability). In 2003 we decided to install various instruments into the seismological station Skalna with the aim of establishing a new complex geodynamic observatory in the seismoactive region of Western Bohemia.
The recorded data provide information on temporal variation of the Earth's gravity field and on the deformation of the Earth's body induced by the tide generating forces of the Moon, the Sun and the planets. The effects of other geological phenomena and processes (earthquakes, fluids, etc.) are of interest as well.
The world-wide observations were promoted by the Earth Tide Commission of IAG (Intern. Assoc. of Geodesy) in order to obtain data for the assessment of local, regional and global deformation models of the Earth.