Institute of Geophysics of the CAS, v. v. i.



West Bohemia [50.1688N, 12.3606E]

This new complex geodynamic observatory is located in the West Bohemia seismoactive region in an underground gallery in a granite block in the town of Skalná. The observatory should contribute to the monitoring of the ongoing geodynamic processes. It is furnished with a seismograph, a couple of tiltmeters, a barometer and a strainmeter. Except the seismograph, the other equipment is still in a testing period, especially due to stabilisation of tiltmeters in local temperature conditions and their stable setup on the rock. Ocassionally, continuous measurements of gravity are performed to test local changes of the gravity field. Significant signal was recorded during the Sumatra earthquake in Dec. 2004, when the trend of the gravity variations has changed for a long time.

The photos show the maintenance of tiltmeters electronics, dumping the data from the LCR Graviton EG gravimeter and a general view of the interior of the observatory Skalna (gravimeter, tiltmeters, seismograph).


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