Seismological station Úpice (UPC) was established in 2001 in a deep well  at the astronomical observatory Úpice to monitor earthquakes in the Hronov-Poříčí fault zone. In 2003 UPC was equipped with three component broadband seismometer and connected to Internet. Digital data are transferred in real time to the Institute of Geophysics. Station UPC is part of the Czech Regional Seismic Network.

Coordinates: 50.5074N 16.0121E
Altitude: 416 m
Seismometer: broadband sensor Streckeisen STS-2
Recording system: Quanterra Q330S
Sampling frequency: 20/100 Hz
Dynamic range: 140 dB
Frequency range: 0.02-120 s
Data format: miniSEED
Available data: May 2001 – present
Operator: Institute of Geophysics CAS in cooperation with the Astronomical obsevatory Úpice
Contact person: Jan Zedník –