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StationsPříbramSkalnáJezeří – Lazec

Data available here.

Our tidal observatories, equipped with high resolution tiltmeters ASNS, are focused on different targets.

The principal observatory in Příbram has a very good location in a deep abandoned mine, at a depth of 90 m. Various types of tiltmeters are tested for mutual correlation and trends of observed tilts. Occasionally the data is compared with seismological and gravimetric records.

The Skalná observatory in the seismoactive region of western Bohemia provides tilt data for correlation
with earthquake activity and groundwater variations. The observatory was established in the old cellar of a nearby castle. Despite there being quite strong thermodynamic noise, and precipitation impact, we could detect signals related to earthquake swarms.

The third observatory Jezeří is located in a horizontal gallery excavated into a rock massif at the edge of an enormous open pit mine. The mining affected the stability of the mountain slopes and the observations are focused on the control of the massif tilting. The observations are supported by the industry (coal mining company). We have observed significant signals before and during landslide activity when the surface layer on the slope slides down into the open mine. At the same time that data is important for the castle built right above the gallery.

The data is presented on the CzechGeo-EPOS web page from the Institute of Geophysics. Selected data will be provided to the Earth Tide world database once it is started at Strasbourg University in France.


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