The National Geomagnetic Observatory is located near Budkov in southern Bohemia. Since 1996, the observatory fulfills the highest international standards and is a certified INTERMAGNET Observatory.

In addition to historical analogue registrations, geomagnetic field changes are recorded using a modern three-axis ferromagnetic NAROD sensor whose signal is sampled and stored instantly, enabling real-time acquisition of digital data. Observatory loggers are able to record magnetic field changes, even at second intervals with an accuracy of 0.1 [nT], but standard continuous registration works at 1 minute intervals. Permanent measurements are completed every ten days by absolute measurement of the geomagnetic field using CARL – ZEISS non – ferromagnetic theodolite, which is an extension of the BARTINGTON (D&I Flux) ferromagnetic sensor.

High-quality digital registration of the time course of the geomagnetic field, including the implementation of field measurements, is currently a necessary requirement for Earth magnetic field research. Traditional research thus changes into a modern way of obtaining data and becomes one of the pillars of predictions of geomagnetic activity. Data is delivered to the World Data Center in Boulder (USA) and one of the INTERMAGNET International Centers in Edinburgh (Scotland).


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