Dr. Petr Brož (1984) works as the researcher at the Department of Geodynamics from 2010, where he focus about the volcanism across the Solar system. He is mainly interested about  kilometer-sized cones formed by explosive volcanic activity caused by magma degassing and water/magma interactions on the surface of Mars. His research is based on the analysis of the remote sensing data from the morphological and morphometrical point of view.

He obtained his Ph.D. degree (in 2015) at the Faculty of Science of th Charles University in Prague. During his study he completed intership at the DLR (Germany) and at the Open University (United Kingdom).

Dr. Brož is a laureate of the prize Nadání Josefa, Marie a Zdenky Hlávkových for talented students and young researchers (under the age of 33) of the Czech Academy of Science and Otto Wichterle Award which is given by the Czech Academy of Sciences to stimulate and encourage selected, exceptionally outstanding, promising young scientists at the Czech Academy of Sciences for their remarkable contributions to the advancement of scientific knowledge in a given area of science. Together with Dr. Matěj Machek he was also awarded by the price SCIAP 2016 for new and inspirative outreach model of plate tectonicsDr. Brož is also dedicated to public speaking and writing in the attempt to popularize geosciences in the context of exploration of the solar system.

Mgr. Petr Brož, Ph.D.

(Department of Geodynamics )
+420 267 103 063
office 214

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Research projects

  • Grant 580313 of the Charles University Science Foundation (GAUK): Pyroklastické kužele na Marsu: analogové experimenty a porovnání s pozemskými příklady. (Principal investigator)