Museum of seismometry in Kašperské Hory.

The museum is hosted in the original wooden building at the seismological observatory Kašperské Hory (international code KHC) established in 1959. Visitors can view historic seismometers and data acqusition systems, learn a lot about almost two thousand year old history of the seismometers, how they worked and the evolution of the construction of seismometers since the 19th century. Different data acquisition systems for measuring seismic signals are displayed. Experienced guides explain why and where earthquakes occur, how seismic waves can be used to understand the structure of the Earth and the processes in it. Excursions also include a 200m walk deep into the Kristýna gallery from 1805 to visit three different sites where sensitive seismic instruments are / were deployed. Station KHC is part of the Czech regional seismic network and contributes data to the global seismic network. KHC is considered one of the most sensitive stations in the world.

The museum is open the first Saturday of everey month from May to September. Excursions start at 9:00, 11:00, 13:00, and 15:00.

Museum of Geophysics – Exhibition of seismology in Skalná

The museum and educational center is situated in a 16th century historical farmhouse right in the heart of the most seismically active region in the Czech Republic. The visitors are guided by an interactive exhibit through seismology from plate tectonics to the latest findings about seismic swarms in West Bohemia/Vogtland. The small lecture room (capacity of about 15 people) is used for presentations or watching a documentary about earthquake swarms in this region (only in czech so far). Visitors may also visit a nearby seismic station, Skalná (SKC), installed in a medieval cellar near Vildštejn castle which is one of the oldest geophysical observatories in this region.

The museum is opened upon request by prior arrangement with a local guide (Milan Hoferic, tel. +420 732 435 655, email or with experts from the Institute of Geophysics (guided tours or lectures for groups tel. +420 732 982 410, email or during open days on various occasions.