Institute of Geophysics of the CAS, v. v. i.



GAP210/12/1491Physical processes in an earthquake source: from micro- to macro-scale2012 - 2016
GAP210/12/2235Constrained models of seismic source: in between a double-couple and moment tensor2012 - 2015
GAP210/12/2336Earthquake swarms and their triggering mechanisms in diverse tectonic environments (Bohemian Massif, Mid-Atlantic Ridge, Western Alps)2012 - 2016
GAP210/12/2381Integrated anisotropic tomography of European lithosphere and upper mantle2012 - 2016
LH12041Sea-level oscillations and changes in atmospheric CO2 concentrations during the peak Greenhouse (Cenomanian-Turonian, Western Interior basin)2012 - 2015
QJ1230319Soil water regime within a sloping agricultural area2012 - 2015
GAP210/11/0117Seismic wave propagation in complex structures – perturbation approaches II2011 - 2014
GAP210/11/0183Subsurface temperature monitoring - a useful tool to understand the contemporary climate change2011 - 2015
GAP210/10/0296Earthquake source modelling by second degree moment tensors2010 - 2012
GAP210/10/0554Magnetic speciation of atmospheric PM1, PM2.5 and PM10 collected at sites with different air quality2010 - 2013
GAP210/10/1728Non-double-couple mechanisms: through induced seismicity to fluid-driven earthquakes2010 - 2013
GAP210/10/1991A new european reference section to study mid-cretaceous sea-level change, palaeoceanography and palaeoclimate: drilling the Bohemian cretaceous Basin2010 - 2013
GAP210/10/2063Crustal structure in the seismoactive region of the west Bohemia2010 - 2012
GAP210/10/2227Regional and global distribution of the electrical conductivity in the Earth’s mantle from ground-based and satellite observations2010 - 2012
LA10013Czech activities within the IUGG 2010-20122010 - 2012
LM2010008CzechGeo/EPOS – Distributed system of permanent observatory measurements and temporary monitoring of geophysical fields in the Czech Republic2010 - 2015
ME10008Rotational seismometers - design, construction, calibration and field testing.2010 - 2012
GA205/09/0539Internal strain fabric and rheology of orogenic peridotites and surrounding crustal rocks2009 - 2012
GA205/09/0540Origin of topaz-bearing granites of the Krudum granite body2009 - 2011
GA205/09/0724Non-double-couple mechanisms - a tool for monitoring the mode of fracturing2009 - 2011
GA205/09/1170Upper mantle beneath the neovolcanic zone of the Bohemian Massif: xenoliths and their host basalts2009 - 2012
IAA300120905Dynamics of crustal fluids in the western part of the Bohemian Massif as a probe of the stress changes2009 - 2012
IAA300120911Common characteristics of the West Bohemia/Vogtland earthquake swarms and swarm-like seismicity triggered by fluid-injection into the HDR boreholes at Soultz-sous-Forets in Alsace2009 - 2012
LA09015Activities within IAGA (International Association of Geomagnetism and Aeronomy)2009 - 2012
ME09011Subduction Factory: Earthquake Production and Magma Emplacement2009 - 2012
OC09070Space weather variability and short-term forecasts of geomagnetic activity2009 - 2012
GA205/08/0332Seismic wave propagation in complex structures - perturbation approaches2008 - 2010
GA205/08/0767Neutron texture analysis of carbonates and gabbros2008 - 2010
GETOP/08/E014Quantification and timing of uplift and erosion in the West Carpathians and adjacent Bohemian Massif in relationship to mass transfer to active basins2008 - 2011
IAA300120801Seismic waves and sources in anisotropic media II2008 - 2012
IAA300120805Finite seismic source of West Bohemia seismic events inferred from stopping phases2008 - 2010
IAA300420805Extraterrestrial effects on atmospheric circulation in mid and high latitudes2008 - 2011
LA08036International Continental Scientific Drilling Program (ICDP) - membership fee of the Czech Republic2008 - 2012
GA205/07/0292Basic geoelectrical units at the eastern margin of Bohemian Massif and its contact with Carpathians by means of magnetoteluric sounding2007 - 2010
GA205/07/0941Application of soil magnetometry for pollution mapping in regional scale (Ore Mts. Region)2007 - 2009
GA205/07/1088Eger Rift - deep lithosphere structure, its origin and geodynamic development2007 - 2011
IAA200120701A new optimizing algorithm ANNO and typical geophysical inverse problems2007 - 2009
IAA300120701Long-term monitoring and analysis of dynamics of atmospherically deposited magnetic particles in soils.2007 - 2010
IAA300120703Effects of external inhomogeneous sources on the electromagnetic field of the Earth within the Central and Northeast Europe2007 - 2010
IAA300120704Numerical models of the hydromagnetic processes and geodynamo in the Earths core2007 - 2011
IAA300120706Amplitude modulation of hemipelagic cycles: a new tool for analysis of depositional distortion of climate signal2007 - 2009
IAA300120709Mantle lithosphere of north-central Europe – mosaic of micro-continents2007 - 2011
KJB300120702Fabric patterns of granite diapirs in static and dynamic conditions: integrated analogue, field and numerical approaches.2007 - 2009
KJB301110703Fabric development during emplacement of volcanic bodies and their dynamics of cooling and fracture formation studied by means of analogue and mathematical modeling.2007 - 2008
SP/2E1/153/07The water/rock/landscape system interaction principles and its application in groundwater protection in the Czech Republic2007 - 2011
GA205/06/0557Electromagnetic induction and distribution of the electrical conductivity inside the Earth: 3-D inhomogeneous global, continental and regional models2006 - 2008
GA205/06/1181Temporal changes of subsurface temperature in the Chicxulub impact structure2006 - 2008
GA205/06/1780Earthquake swarms in the western part of the Bohemian Massif and their link with crustal fluids2006 - 2008
GA205/06/1823Record of tectonic processes and sea-level change during inception of an intracontinental basin: Cenomanian of the Bohemian Cretaceous Basin2006 - 2008
IAA300120603Long-term monitoring and analysis of the ground temperatures under the different surfaces2006 - 2010
IAA300120606Magnetic properties of atmospheric particulate matter and relationship with environmental pollution2006 - 2009
IAA300120608Long-term and short-term variations of the geomagnetic field: data acquisition, analyses and forecasts2006 - 2010
IAA300120609Interactions between water-mass circulation, hydrodynamic conditions of sedimentation, and relative sea-level changes in an epeiric seaway: the Bohemian Cretaceous Basin, Central Europe2006 - 2008
IAA300460602Upper-crustal model of the Ohře Rift and its vicinity.2006 - 2010
KJB300120601Transient 3D modeling of anthropogenic influences on the subsurface temperature field2006 - 2008
KJB300120604Determination and characterization of ultra-fine superparamagnetic particles in soils2006 - 2008
KJB300120605Shear wave splitting - extension of existing method to direct shear waves S and its application2006 - 2008
2A-1TP1/043Drilling geothermal prospection for energy exploitation of Litoměřice structure2006 - 2007
GA203/05/2256Magnetic stimuli-responsive hydrophilic polymer microspheres for biomedicine/bioengineering2005 - 2007
GA205/05/2182Seismic waves in viscoelastic anisotropic media2005 - 2007
IAA300120502Finite-extent earthquake source from higher-degree moment tensors: its resolution with uncertain crust-mantle model2005 - 2008
KJB300120504Non-shear mechanisms of strong earthquakes from teleseismic records2005 - 2007
1P05LA256Activities within IAGA (International Association of Geomagnetism and Aeronomy)2005 - 2007
1P05ME778Air-ground temperature coupling in three different climates2005 - 2005
1P05OC031Daily forecasts of geomegnetic activity at geomagnetic midlatitudes2005 - 2007
1QS300120506Development of methods for space weather forecasts and impacts of space weather on the ionosphere-atmosphere system2005 - 2009
1QS300460551Definition of geodynamic mobile zones on the Earths surface and their assessment for applications in land planning and construction designing2005 - 2009
GA205/04/0740EMTESZ/CEMES : crustal and subcrustal electrical model of the Transeuropean suture zone2004 - 2006
GA205/04/0746Stochastic interpretation of geolelectrical induction data2004 - 2006
GA205/04/0748Boundaries of anisotropic blocks of mantle lithosphere mapped from data of passive seismic experiments in relation to near-surface tectonics2004 - 2006
GP205/04/P182The models of the geomagnetic field generation by a hydromagnetic dynamo action2004 - 2006
IAA3012401Electromagnetic fields in an inhomogeneous and anisotropic earth2004 - 2007
IAA3012405Origin of large-scale anisotropic domains of continental mantle lithosphere2004 - 2008
IAA3042401Solar and geomagnetic effects on the Northern Hemisphere tropospheric circulation2004 - 2007
GA205/03/0997Geothermal research of the Chicxulub impact structure2003 - 2005
GA205/03/0998Climate Change and Global Warming - Evidence From the Underground2003 - 2005
GA205/03/0999Velocity model and shalow geological structure of the Morava - silesian region iferred from seismic observations2003 - 2005
GA205/03/1001Deep geoelectrical model of a 3-D inhomogeneous Earth, specifically of Europe, from analysing the geomagnetic variations and theory of elmag. induction2003 - 2005
GA205/03/1203Seismotectonics and deep structure of Middle American convergent plate margin2003 - 2005
GP205/03/P065Petrophysical properties of upper mantle eclogites, their link to composition and rheology of upper mantle2003 - 2005
GP205/03/P161Development of a new method for an evaluation of shear-wave splitting to model anisotropic structure of the Earth upper mantle2003 - 2005
IAA3012303Seismicity pattern as indicator of source regions of volcanism at convergent plate margins2003 - 2006
IAA3012308Kinematic and dynamic phenomena as indicators of seismo-tectonic activity in West Bohemia2003 - 2007
IAA3012309Seimic waves and sources in anisotropic media2003 - 2006
IBS3012353Updating of the tilt monitoring system in the hazardous environment of the ČSA open-pit-mine, Most. Second stage.2003 - 2005
IBS3012354Application of soil magnetometry for pullution mapping in the conditions of Czech Republic2003 - 2005
KJB3012310Sea level changes and Milankovitch-driven cycles; were they linked during the greenhouse Turonian?2003 - 2003
ME 677Geophysical studium in tectonicaly active areas of middle Europe and Japan.2003 - 2004
GA205/02/0171Processes and enviroments of rhytmic deposition in a coal - bearing foreland basin : Sedimentology of the Upper part Petrkovice Member, Upper Silesian Basin2002 - 2004
GA205/02/0381Complex geophysical research in the seismogenic western part of the Bohemian Massif2002 - 2004
GA205/02/0383Seismological toolkit for earthquake mechanism retrieval - searching for non-double couple events2002 - 2004
GP205/02/D133Modelling of the conductivity distribution on the eastern margin of the Bohemian Massif and the West Carpathians2002 - 2005
IAB3012201Elasticity of spinel single crystal at mantle conditions determined by GHz ultrasonic interferometry2002 - 2002
LA 150International Continental Scientific Drilling Program - ICDP2002 - 2006
SB/630/3/02SLICE - Seismic Lithospheric Investigation of Central Europe2002 - 2005
GA205/01/0629Controls on basin-fill architecture in intracontinental extensional and strike-slip basins: examples from the Cretaceous and Neogene, Bohemian Massif2001 - 2003
GA205/01/1153Collocated magnetotelluric and seismic experiment across the Trans-European Suture Zone2001 - 2003
GA205/01/1154Seismic anisotropy of the subcrustal lithosphere of the Bohemian Massif2001 - 2003
GP205/01/P020Elastic anisotropy of mantle rocks from the Bohemian Massif2001 - 2002
IAA3012105Study of temporal variations of the geomagnetic field based on the observatoryand repeat station measurements2001 - 2005
IAA3013102Structural aspects of the evolution of volcanic centres: the České středohoří Mts. as an example2001 - 2004
IAA3042102Impact of geomagnetic storm on ionosphere-atmosphere system2001 - 2004
IPP1050128Dynamics of processes in living and inanimate matter2001 - 2003
KSK3012103Processes in the Earth and on its surface, in its gaseous and plasmatic cover and in outer space2001 - 2004
KSK3046108Effect of climatic and antropogenic impacts on the life and lifeless environment2001 - 2004
GA205/00/1349Detailed magnetic characteristics of power-plant fly ashes2000 - 2002
GA205/00/1350Seissmic waves in anisotropic media : applications2000 - 2002
GA205/00/1367Model of a 3-D distribution of the electrical conductivity across Europe from long period geomagnetic variations2000 - 2002
GA205/00/1470Microgravity investigations and application in environmental geology2000 - 2002
IAA3012002Deep structure, seismotectonics and state of stress in Southeast Asia2000 - 2003
IAA3012005Recent Climate Change and Its Contingent Anthropogenic Component Revealed by Inversion of Present Temperature Data Measured in Boreholes2000 - 2004
IAA3012006Boussinesq approximation of the hydromagnetic dynamo of the Earth2000 - 2003
IBS3012007Geophysical observations and predictionsof geophysical fields for users2000 - 2004
IBS3012008Updating of the tilt monitoring system in the hazardous environment of the ČSA mine, Most.2000 - 2002
IPP1043020Upgrading of unique diagnostic and detection methods2000 - 2001
SB/630/2/00Investigation of deep structure of Bohemian Massif Celebration 20002000 - 2002
GA205/99/0907Recent geodynamics of West Bohemia to the crustal structure (unique natural laboratory)1999 - 2001
GA205/99/0915Changes in the microstructure of the geomagnetic field during the total solar eclipse on August 11, 19991999 - 2000
GA205/99/0917Electrical anisotropy within the Earths crust - modelling and tectonic relations1999 - 2001
IAA3012904Earthquake source retrieval with inexact model of the strukture1999 - 2001
IAA3012905Magnetic mapping and analysis of contaminated recent soil sediments1999 - 2002
IAA3012908World-Wide Scanning of Seimic Anisotropy of the Lithospere1999 - 2003
IPP1010912Physical fundamentals of modern technologies1999 - 2000
ZO/630/3/99Possibilities of the Utilization of Geothermal Sources for Energy Purposes. Utilization of Geothermal Energy in Territories with Disturbed Environment.1999 - 2002
GA205/98/P279Transient temperature field below the Earth surface: is it controlled by the changing climate?1998 - 1998
GA205/98/0858Velocity distribution in the Bohemian massif and fast localization of regional earthquakes from broadband seismological observations1998 - 2000
GV205/98/K004Orogenic roots - processes , manifestation and implication for evolution of continental litosphere1998 - 2002
IAA3012805Seismotectonics and geodynamic evolution of the northern part of the Andean South America1998 - 2000
IAA3012806Extraterrestrial influences on the winter tropospheric circulation1998 - 2001
IAA3012807Geodynamics of the West Bohemia seismic region1998 - 2002
IPP2012801Transmission, processing and protection of large data sets1998 - 2000
ME 185Geophysical investigation in the regions with different degree of tectonic activity in Central Europe and Japan1998 - 2002
OK 330Determination of earthquake source parameters in geologically complex media1998 - 1999
GA103/97/0899Electromagnetic emission and its application in the civil engineering and geophysics1997 - 1999
GA205/97/0897Numerical modelling of the geodynamo1997 - 1999
GA205/97/0898Deep structure ,seismotectonics and geological evolution of Central and Eastern Indonesia1997 - 1999
GA205/97/0900Temporal and spatial changes of the temperature field in the litosphere of the Bohemian Massif1997 - 1999
GA205/97/0905Investigation of the texture of rocks by ultrasonic waves and neutron diffraction1997 - 1999
GA205/97/0921Prognosis of climate development in Central Europe : Implications from solar inertial motion and nonlinear analysis of solar-terrestrial and climate time series1997 - 1999
IAA3012703Thermal history of the sedimentary basins of the Czech Republic and its relation to tectonic processes1997 - 2001
IAA3012705Interpretation of the Cheb Basin tectonic evolution based on the sedimentological analysis1997 - 1999
IAA3012706Climate changes in the past derived from boreholes temperature inversion and correlation with meteorolog. data1997 - 1999
IAA30127072,5-D model of the geomagnetic field generation1997 - 1999
GA205/96/0260Magnetic identification of environmental pollution in present and recent alluvial formations1996 - 1998
GA205/96/0968Seismic waves in anisotropic media1996 - 1998
GA205/96/0969Climate change of the past 300yers inferred from the analysis of the Underground temperature field1996 - 1998
GA205/96/0974Seismic Processes and Parameters of the Upper crust medium in the West Bohemian earthqueke swarm region1996 - 1998
IAA3012601Source parameters retrieval from local seismicity1996 - 1998
IAA3012603Study of elastic anisotropy of rocks under hydrostatic pressure up to 400 MPa1996 - 1998
IAA3012604Seismic anisotropy of the upper mantle of continental regions - analysis of contributions from different depths1996 - 1998
IAA3012605Use of soil magnetometry in mapping industrially polluted areas1996 - 1998
IAA3012606Inverse problem of computing the regional stress tensor from observations of tensile wall-fractures in deviated boreholes1996 - 1996
IAE3012601Seismicity of Europe and Mediterranean1996 - 1996
KSK1012601Geophysical processes and the solid earth structure - global problems and distinctive features of the Bohemian massif)1996 - 2000
KSK1042603Processes in atmosphere and lithosphere emphasizing distinctive features of the Czech Republic territory1996 - 2000
OK 134Quantitative seismic zoning of the Circum Pannonian region1996 - 1997
OK 224Rock magnetic evaluation of paleomagnetic signals1996 - 1997
GA205/95/0263Experimental Investigation of Seismo-electromagnetics Effects1995 - 1997
GA205/95/0264Deep Structure and Seismotectonics of the Central Part of Andean South America1995 - 1997
GA205/95/1305Electrical conductivity at crustal and upper mantle depths over Central Europe with emphasis to the Czech Republic1995 - 1997
IAA3012501Analysis of geomagnetic activity based on the data from National geomagnetic observatory Budkov1995 - 1997
GA205/94/1556Complex Geoscience Investigation of the West Bohemia Seismoactive Region.1994 - 1996
GA205/94/1559Magnetic Survey on the Territory of the Czech Republic at the Epoch 1995,0 and Determination of Magnetic Secular Variation.1994 - 1996
GA205/94/1560Influence of Solar and Geomagnetic Variability on Changes of Atmospherical Circulation.1994 - 1996
GA205/94/1769Interpretation of Monitored Effects of Technogenic Activities at the Foot of Krušné Hory Mts. Upon the Endo/Exogenic Processes in Surrounding Massifs.1994 - 1996
IAA312402Taylor constraint at high dynamo numbers in geodynamo models1994 - 1996
IAA312407Transformation of tidal observatory Lazec into international network1994 - 1995
GA205/93/0409Deep and Medium Depth Geoelectrical Model of the Western Part of the Bohemian Massif1993 - 1995
GA205/93/0412Geothermal Model of the Bohemian Massif1993 - 1995
GA205/93/0413Climate Change in Europe Inferred from Borehole Temperatures1993 - 1995
GA205/93/0414Modelling of Magnetic Anisotropy of Rocks Under Stress Conditions of the KTB Drill and Investigation of Anisotropy Carriers1993 - 1995
GA205/93/0417Prediction of Climate in Central Europe in Future Decades1993 - 1995
GA205/93/0418Multidisciplinar System for Generation and Measurement of Very Weak Magnetic Fields1993 - 1995
GA205/93/2523Seismic Regime of the West-Bohemian Earthquake Swarm Region1993 - 1995
IAA312104Determination of source characteristics and focal models of local and regional seismic events1993 - 1995
IAA312112Magnitude-frequency distributions N(M) of European earthquakes and their theoretical modelling1993 - 1995
IAA312115Development of 3-D models of seismic anisotropy in the lithosphere of continetal Europe1993 - 1995
IAA346110Seismic tomography and refraction data processing1993 - 1995
IA31250Transformation of the National Geomagnetic Observatory Budkov to Digital Mode1992 - 1994
IA31251XXX1992 - 1993
IA31254XXX1992 - 1993
IA31202XXX1991 - 1993
IA31210XXX1991 - 1993
IA31211XXX1991 - 1993
IA31213XXX1991 - 1993
IA31217XXX1991 - 1993
IA31222XXX1991 - 1993
IA31224XXX1991 - 1993
IA31226XXX1991 - 1993
IA31229XXX1991 - 1993
IA31312XXX1991 - 1993
IA34624XXX1991 - 1993